first photo…

This i so nice of them to keep these.


About studio consists of the kilns room, a glazing room, and a main room with work tables for ShaKed, her students, as well as clients who rent that space. The idea of the studio is modeled on the studio on the kibbutz where she worked in her childhood - a warm and inviting environment with a sitting area where coffee, related reading materials and a good conversation about art are always available. ShaKed creates using Raku clay with grog, well known for its strength and stability, which allows all of her creations to be dishwasher and oven safe. ShaKed searched for a unique product line that would interest and challenge her from all aspects. That is how the Coils Line came to be. With coils ShaKed creates: house wares, spa accessories, Judaica, tables, chairs, lamps, jewelry, and more. ShaKed will work with clients to create complete collections including tables, chairs, sinks, lamps, serving dishes, and bathroom accessories for hotel lobbies, rooms and bars, restaurants and private homes.
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  1. Ofer says:

    I think they saved it because they liked it :)

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